Façade Program

Façade Revitalization Program


The Façade Revitalization Grant Program seeks to increase the economic visibility of Granite Falls by improving the aesthetics of the buildings, improving signage, and creating sense of “place.” Façade improvements make an aesthetic impact, improving the appearance of individual buildings and consequently entire commercial districts. Highly visible investments in commercial properties not only improve residents’ and visitors’ perceptions of an area, they also spur improvements by nearby businesses and attract new businesses.

Program Objectives:

  1. Improve or upgrade vacant or underutilized buildings to accommodate new business, office, retail uses, and mixed-use residential.
  2. Stimulate new investment in Granite Falls.
  3. Enhance the aesthetic appeal to create a sense of place and attract visitors.
  4. Preserve the historical character with emphasis on Downtown Granite Falls.

Available Funds:

The Façade Revitalization Grant Program will offer a competitive one-for-one matching grant and/or low interest short-term loan to eligible property owners or businesses (i.e. the project total is $10,000, the EDA may match the business owner’s $5,000 contribution to meet the total project cost) depending on requests and funding availability.

Eligibility Requirements:
There are three eligibility requirements to apply for the program:

  1. It must be a commercial business or commercial building, meaning it has a retail or office use
  2. The commercial business/building must be located in Granite Falls city limits
  3. The applicant must either be the property owner or tenant of the property; however, if the applicant is the tenant, then the property owner must provide written permission for any improvements.