City Comprehensive Plan

LHB, Inc. is working with the EDA and City of Granite Falls on its 20-year Vision and City Comprehensive Plan. At the October 18, 2021, work session, a preliminary plan was shared with City Council.

The proposed Vision:

Granite Falls is a connected community centered on unique cultural and natural resources with diverse social and economic opportunities.

Community Conversations were held during the Summer and early Fall of 2021. A total of 242 community stakeholders participated in the three input sessions: 65 participants attended in-person small group meetings, 82 responded during the online surveys, and 95 stopped by the EDA booth at Squid Fest to review and respond to the preliminary goals.

Goals with 24 tactics were proposed to City Council in October 2021.
Maps of opportunity, land use and future development are also included.
View & listen to the live presentation to City Council on October 18, 2021: Click here.
Download the Preliminary Plan (PDF) shared with City Council on October 18, 2021: Click here.


The EDA Board met with two landscape architectural firms at their March 8, 2021. The firms presented their proposals and responded to questions. Based on these interviews, the EDA Board recommends engaging LHB, Inc. to develop a Comprehensive Plan that will include the following Core Framework Elements:

  • Vision, goals and objectives
  • General land use
  • Housing
  • Parks & open space
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic development and implementation

The Board received three proposals and believe LHB, Inc. has the passion, experience and process to provide the City and EDA with a meaningful and productive plan. Following the presentations, the Board expressed both firms were accomplished and competitive in their services.  Comments supporting the recommendation of LHB, Inc. included their desire to create a plan that is unique to Granite Falls and their intensive two-day community engagement process. LHB’s experience with a range of cities including Buffalo and Luverne to Readstown, Wisconsin along with river corridor development, recovery from natural events, and addressing decommissioning of plants.

The work on the City’s Comprehensive Plan continues. Several city plans were provided for the discovery phase, including the EDA’s 2021 Housing Study and 2021 Market Area Analysis.